We help small businesses establish their brand so they can connect with customers

Designing a brand that is visually appealing and strategically directed towards the correct audience takes a lot of work, and a high degree of expertise. In order to correctly position a company, heavy research is required to ensure that your brand aligns with the target demographic. A poor brand is difficult to recover from, so it is important that a company relies on expert brand specialists to go the right direction.

Pencilfresh is the perfect solution

The employees at Pencilfresh know how to research your brand, answer all the tough questions and build captivating brands, so you can bring in your audience.

The team at Pencilfresh will help you every step of the way, from market segmentation, to brand positioning, design, and campaign management. With flexible package options, we can work within your budget to develop a strategy that meets your business goals.


Branding | UX | Web Design



Branding | UX | Web Design



Branding | UX | Web Design 



Branding | UX | Web Design

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