How To Set Up Your Google My Business

Google My Business launched in June 2014 and has become a necessity for any local business that has a physical location or that travels to visit its customers. It allows business owners to have full control over how their business appears when potential customers are looking for them. Listings are shown through google maps and search.

As it is a free tool that any business owner should take advantage of, we’re going to walk you through the importance of Google My Business, along with how you can go about setting one up! 

The Importance Of Google My Business


Have you ever googled for a ramen restaurant and you were given local suggestions? That’s all thanks to GMB. It makes it easier for your customers to find information about your business easily; it is really great for local SEO! 

Additionally, you’re able to highlight important information about your business that your potential customers want to know. 

You can include your opening/closing times, your phone number, the link to your website, articles, upcoming events, deals that you’re running, and more! This is all information that will help your potential customers move forward with their purchase decision. 

How to Set Up Your Google My Business


First, you go to the website and click “Manage Now”. It will then prompt you to log in to your email that is associated with your business. 

You then enter your business name


After that, you will then choose the category of your business. 

Choose The Business Catagory

Once that is completed, it will then ask if you would like to add a location customers can visit. This can be a store or office location. You can choose either yes or no. Once answered, you will then be taken to the next page that asks you to enter your business address. 

Do You Have a Business Location What is your business address?


It will then ask if you also serve customers outside this location? If you choose yes, it will ask you all the areas you serve. If you choose no, it will lead you directly onto the next step. 

Where Do You Serve Your Customers

You will then be asked what contact details do you want to show to customers?

Contact Details


Google will lastly then ask if you would like updates and recommendations for your business on Google. We recommend it as it will provide you with useful information that will help optimize your listing! 

Once that is finished, Google will then ask you how you would like to verify your business. This is because Google wants to reduce the number of fake businesses online. All you need to do is click ‘Send Postcard’ and a postcard will be mailed to you within 12 days. 

Once you receive your pin in the mail, log into your GMB account and look for the section on the main page that asks you to enter the verification code. That will then lead you to a new page where you will be able to type it in. 

Now that that is all set up! Your GMB is up and running. We will be creating another blog that runs you through how to properly optimize your GMB. 


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